Well, knowing the world of science has plenty of inventions.

Those inventions which are not just used in laboratory but also in day to day life. Without such scientific inventions to large extent it was possible that life would have been to different frame of reality. Well, now when we have been blessed with so many inventions, being aware about its functions, staying updated is must.

One can make machines go wireless but it's of no use if end user doesn't knows its possibilities and functionality, and student while growing as student or science learner one should be able to stay connected with updates as well as know to use those updates of robotics along with theoretical concepts.

For teacher task is to make students completely gel up with automation and Robotic and for students task is to develop interest in it.

Science person shall be correct choice to gift students a experience of living in world of robotics.

And we assure that learning about robotics shall let students develop vision of being an inventor of better prospects!



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